Gotta Crawl before you can Run

The requests come in at a steady pace, but I still find time to set aside for myself. To quote myself

The rabbit hole, holy grail of information known as THE INTERNET

– me to myself

It’s easy to get sucked in and spend hours learning about new tech, but there comes a time where you have to plug the hose and dive into a language, frame work, API, gadget, tool… (the list goes on). I’ve been really getting into docker, but I also wanted to run it off of a Linux distro. Low and behold I found a video to teach me just that

Windows > Docker > WSL2 > Linux > Docker

To be honest, the video goes over my head, but he mentions a lot of cool tools that help with workflow. I know this will be really helpful when I want to deploy STACKS of all kinds. Now that’s something to talk about


I’ve been trying to make small notes for myself. A ever evolving checklist for myself. So here is the list right now.

  • Re learn webpack (js, css, browsersync, babel, ect
  • Complete one Wes Bos Vanilla Javascript mini-sode every day.
  • Chew through a Biamp Tesira chapter every day

I’m holding myself to it for next week. I know I can fit this all in within a work week. I just started webpack back up but boy am i rusty. I’m going to crush next week just watch.

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