Sound for Film

‘Spring Surprise’ — Duffy & Friends (Stop motion Short)

With the animation styles from Lil Buddy Stoodios and International sensation Duffy the Disney Bear brings cutness overload in there newest animated short. Ukulele and piano highlight the cute and cuddly feelings from seam to seam.

The Last Audition Trailer (Short Film)

Director Kamen Staykov delivers a motion picture drama about a struggling actress and her determination to provide for her daughter. Follow the development on Instagram.

Tony Corniciones Restaurant in Antioch, IL

Pressbox Entertainment puts the spotlight on a family owned restaurant. With musical stylings that match it’s suburban feel with a hint of accordion for Italian flavor.

Chuck (Short Film Supercut)

Independent film makers Jake Newberry and Brandon Phipps give there take on the romantic comedy genre. Follow along with it’s trotting marimba, plucked strings, and various other music ques that lend to this pictures quirky nature

Lying Together (Short Film Trailer)

The independent film makers at Area 309 Productions bring a dramatic film to life. The music is a collaboration between myself and singer/songwriter Celia Doherty. Dark bass, eerie electric guitar, and emotion strings bring the listener along for this roller coaster ride.

My Broadway Bar (Web Series)

A weekly web series filmed in New York City needs a catchy vaudeville jingle.

2021 Libertyville Presidential Inauguration

Libertyville’s present changes hands with a new face, Donna Johnson. Pressbox Entertainment covers the story with a custom jingle to bring us into the inauguration.

My Generation Sports – MN Golden Gophers

The Minnesota Golden Gophers bring in new recruits for their 2021 football season. Pressbox Entertainment highlights the players such as Athan Kaliakmanis and other freshman teammates. My Generation Sports needed a jingle that matches this athletic energy with a modern edge

Lying Together – Meet the Crew (Video Bio)

Area 309 Productions film
“Lying Together”. A quick look into the people behind the frame. Accompanied by music set to the mood of the film.

Chitown Rising NYE Corona (After Movie)

Corona’s post highlight reel of their 2015-2016 New Years Eve party. YAKUB Films selected a funky electronic composition of mine to go along with the footage.

Birdy Animation (Clip)

In collaboration with the animator Daniel Roldan, this is short clip off his personal reel.

Bolgia 6 (Student Film)

A large collaboration between students. I took the lead as the Audio Supervisor for production, post production, and music score.